Every summer, nearly one million music fans brave the summer sun to be part of the longest running music tour in the world. The Vans Warped Tour, home to punk rockers, emo kids and hardcore fans for sixteen years, is only getting bigger. This year, with practically 200 bands playing in 43 concert dates all over the country (and Canada!), Warped is placing a bigger emphasis than ever on the charitable causes that their musicians believe in.
This is where Amnesty comes in. We’re back on the Warped Tour! Throughout the summer, human rights defenders like Tom Morello have been starring in our video blogs and bands like Set Your Goals are doing signings (of both merchandise and petitions) to help protect the rights that all musicians enjoy like freedom of conscience and expression.
Come visit! With our big yellow tent and charismatic volunteers, we’re hard to miss. Learn about how you can take action locally, play games to learn about human rights, get a tattoo, (they’re temporary, don’t worry) learn more about what Amnesty has been doing lately to end grave human rights abuses all over the world, and figure out what you can do to be part of it all.